How to Make Bingo Dauber Ink


Bingo dauber inks are much useful for panting because they spend less amount of paint, and this paint spreads quickly, and it takes less time for these inks to dry. Many techniques can be involved in making bingo dauber inks. For our readers’ betterment, we have shortlisted some steps that can be easy for continuing the process. These are discussed below.

How to Make Bingo Dauber Ink

Summary: It is easy to make Bingo Dauber ink using common household supplies. All you need is a container of some sort, a dropper, and white paper. First, fill the container with white paint. Dropper the bingo dauber ink into the paint, and watch as the ink diffuses throughout the container. Once the ink has spread evenly, write your desired bingo pattern on white paper and place it in the paint. After the pattern is complete, use a wet cloth to clean off the excess ink. Voila! You have created your very own Bingo Dauber ink!


In order to complete this process, you will need to gather a few essential items. First, you will need a cutting mat – this will be necessary for cutting the paper and other materials. Next, you will need a PVC pipe; it is best to use a tube with a half-inch diameter. You will also need a pipe cutter, which you can easily get from a nearby department store. To make the sponge portion of the dauber, you will need some make-up wedges. Finally, you will need an empty bottle to pour the paint into. Once you have all of these elements, you can begin the process.

You will need some essential elements for this process.

First, take the PVC pipe and measure one inch from the end. Cut the pipe at this point to create a tube with a one-inch long and half-inch diameter opening. This pipe will be used as the tip of your ink bottle. Next, take a makeup wedge and insert it into the pipe. Use a white wedge for this process as multi-colored wedges will diminish the daubers’ coloring capacity. Finally, insert the wedges into the bingo dauber.

To insert the wedges, you will need a small pen that can be used to push the wedge through the pipe. First, you have to keep the wedge at one end and then push it inside with the pen. Next, you have to take it slightly out from the other end. After the sponge is set, you have to take the pipe and the bottle in which you want to fit the ink dauber. This process is relatively challenging because you have to dispose of the bottle’s tip and then fix the new dauber in that place.

Now you have to open the knob of the bottle, and then you have to insert the pipe in the knob.

Now you have to open the knob of the bottle, and then you have to insert the pipe in the knob. After the tube is inserted, you can use some glue to make the joint rigid. Before in this manner, you can make the bingo dauber ink. For filling the pot with paint, you can make a small hole and then fill the pot using a syringe. And then seal the hole using a tape.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Thicken Bingo Dauber Ink?

Thickening bingo dauber ink is a quick and easy process that only takes a few minutes. To thicken the ink, simply add baking soda and cornstarch to the mixture. Then, heat the mixture on medium heat until it starts bubbling. Reduce the heat and constantly stir for about 5 minutes or until thickened. Remove from heat, let cool for 30 seconds, then transfer into an airtight container.

What Is Bingo Dauber Ink Made of?

To use a bingo dauber, you have to dip it into the wax and then push it onto the paper. The bingo dauber ink is made of wax and usually comes in a bottle with a long, narrow nozzle. Once the bingo dauber is on the paper, it will remain there until someone breaks it by pulling on its stem.

What Kind of Ink Is in Bingo Daubers?

Bingo daubers are dipped in a unique ink that is made up of different colors. The colors are the main thing that distinguishes bingo daubers from other markers and pens.

The ink used in bingo daubers is water-based, so it will not smudge on paper or leave stains on clothing. The ink can also be easily removed with soap and water, which makes them ideal for use at home or during church activities where children may play with them.

Are Bingo Daubers Toxic?

No, bingo daubers are not toxic. However, a small amount of greenbrier extract is present in the center of the flower, and this can cause mild skin irritation or allergies.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, we hope that the process we have exhibited here will help make bingo dauber inks. Besides, this process can be much easy for beginners to perform. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!

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