How to Make Bingo Dauber Ink


Bingo dauber inks are much useful for panting because they spend less amount of paint, and this paint spreads quickly, and it takes less time for these inks to dry. Many techniques can be involved in making bingo dauber inks. For our readers’ betterment, we have shortlisted some steps that can be easy for continuing the process. These are discussed below.

How to Make Bingo Dauber Ink


You will need some essential elements for this process. At first, you need a cutting mat. This will be required for cutting the papers and other materials. Then you will need a PVC pipe. It is better to have a tube with half inches of diameter. You will need a pipe cutter, and you can quickly obtain them from the nearest departmental shop. For making the spongy portion of the dauber, you will need some make-up wedges. Then you will need an empty bottle in which you can pour the paint. After you have managed all these elements, you can start the process.

First, you have to take the PVC pipe, and then you have to take a measuring tape and then mark one inch of the tube. Then you have to take the cutter and then cut the pipe. You will get a tube with one inch long and a half inches in diameter. This pipe will be used as the tip of your ink bottle. And we know that in bingo dauber, there is a spongy portion. For this, you have to insert the make-up wedge in the pipe. You must use a white wedge for this process because multi colored wedges will diminish the daubers’ coloring capacity. Now you have to take the wedges and insert them.

For inserting the wedges, you will need a small pen that can be used to push the wedge through the pipe. You have to keep the wedge at one end and then push it inside with the pen, and then you have to take it slightly out from the other end. After the sponge is set, you have to take the pipe, and then you have to take the bottle in which you want to fit the ink dauber. This process is relatively challenging because you have to dispose of the bottle’s tip and then fix the new dauber in that place. For this, you need to remember that the bottle’s opening should match the diameter of the pipe.

Now you have to open the knob of the bottle, and then you have to insert the pipe in the knob. After the tube is inserted, you can use some glue to make the joint rigid. Before in this manner, you can make the bingo dauber ink. For filling the pot with paint, you can make a small hole and then fill the pot using a syringe. And then seal the hole using a tape.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, we hope that the process we have exhibited here will help make bingo dauber inks. Besides, this process can be much easy for beginners to perform. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!

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