How to Make Cardboard Corner Protectors

If you like artworks, then you will be ready to do almost anything for the protection of your artworks. You may have got a painting that has been with your family from generation to generation; then it really holds a sentimental value for you. So what have you chosen for protecting it? These paintings usually get ripped off from the corners, and that’s why you have to pay proper attention to protecting the corners. Well, you can buy many corner protectors out there, or you can easily make them in your home. Do you know how to make cardboard corner protectors? That’s really easy, and I have got some easy-to-follow steps for you. So, let’s have a look at them.

How to Make Cardboard Corner Protectors

1. First of all, take a cardboard and cut eight triangles from it. Make sure to keep the sides of triangles at equal length. It will be better if you cut each side at three inches in length.

2. Next, cut eight rectangular pieces that are three inches in width.

3. Once you have got the rectangular pieces, take one of the triangle pieces and place it flat on the ground. Keep the triangle in such a way that the left part should face the right part.

4. After that, take one of the rectangular pieces and put it by facing it upwards. Then place this on the left side of the triangle lengthwise and glue it into that place.

5. When the glue will become dry, completely take other pieces that are glued in the same way place them as a lid on the first piece. Press the attachment firmly so that they attach with each other.

That’s it; your cardboard corner protector is ready. Follow the process and make as much as you want.

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