How to Put Box Braids in a Box

Box braids are a popular protective style for natural hair. While some people prefer to leave them plain, others like to put bows in their box braids for a fun, flirty look. So if you’re wondering how to put Box Braids in a Bow, keep reading! First, part your hair down the middle and clip each side out of the way. Next, divide your hair into two even sections and start braiding one section at a time.

How to Put Box Braids in a Box

Make sure you braid snugly, so your hair doesn’t loosen later on. Once you’ve finished both sections, tie off each braid with an elastic band. Now comes the fun part of putting the bows in! Take one braid in each hand and start twisting them in opposite directions with your hands. Read on to know more!

10 Simple Ways on How to Put Box Braids in a Bow

1. Protect Your Hair

Before doing anything, protect your hair with either coconut oil or heat protectant. The key to this look is the sectioning. This braid pattern will reveal more of your natural curl pattern than most other box braids styles. So snag a large piece along the front hairline and create two parts: one on each side. Then, clip the rest of your hair in a pineapple and start braiding!

2. Section Your Hair into Two Parts

Use two large pieces from the front hairline and create two parts: one on each side. The smaller the sections, the smaller the bow.

3. Three-Strand Braid

It’s time to braid! Start by doing a three-strand braid (a regular braid just like you would do on your little sister). It will be easier for this style to achieve if some hair is left out of the pineapple before starting. You can braid all the way down or stop halfway. If you want to braid down, go for it!

4. Create Two Box Braids

The pattern of this box braids style is three parts with four sections per braid. Start with a small piece in the front hairline and separate it into three sections. Create the first part by taking one section of hair over to the opposite side. Grab the second section of hair and add it to create another box braid.

Start With Small Piece in the Front Hairline

5. Keep Your Braids Tight

After you have created your small piece, the rest of the braids will be much easier. Keep your strands tight together! You can braid all the way down or stop halfway. You can tie it off with a band or leave it loose when you get to the bottom. You can even incorporate hair extensions for an extra dramatic look!

6. Tie Your Braid Off With A Band

You can either braid down to the bottom, tie it off with a band, or leave the braid loose. Don’t go too tight if you choose to tie it off with a band! You will need some allowance at the bottom to tie off your bow.

7. Prevent Unsightly Knots:

Don’t go too tight if you choose to tie off your braid with a band! You will need some allowance at the bottom to tie off your bow. If it’s easier for you, do a fishtail braid to eliminate any excess hair at the bottom.

8. Twist Your Box Braids

Once you have finished braiding your hair, it’s time to twist your box braids in opposite directions with your hands! You can also use a pick or clip for this step. Start from the bottom and move up as you twist. You can also do this on dry or wet hair, whatever works!

9. Get Rid of Excess Moisture

If your braids are a little damp, use a hair towel to remove excess moisture before putting them in a bow. You can braid your hair in the morning and leave them overnight if you want to wait until the next day to put them in a bow.

If they are a little damp, you can use a hair towel to remove excess moisture before putting them in a bow. You can also use heat protectant spray if you plan on using heat tools later on.

10. Use Bobby Pins

If you don’t feel like using an elastic band, use bobby pins instead! This is the most time-consuming way of putting these box braids in a bow. It’s not the best choice if you’re looking for something that will hold your hair in place for long periods, but it’s an option if you’re looking for something quick and easy.

Use Bobby Pins Instead

Some Helpful Tips

Here are some helpful tips on how to put box braids in a bow.

1. Hair need not be braided in a circle to create the bow.

2. Using hair from your head or somebody else you know is recommended. You should try to find hair that matches the texture and color of your own hair as closely as possible. It is ok if it’s not perfect!

3. Hair that is not the same texture and color as your hair or that you cannot get in a braid in a circle can still be used to make the bow by braiding it with your hair.

4. Doing a braid in a circle makes creating a tight and clean-looking bow easier. It’s also easier if you have help from another person who can hold one end of the braid as you braid it around. If you can’t find a helper, you might be able to use a tall box or a tall chair.

5. It may help secure the braid in a circle with rubber bands before braiding the rest of your hair around it.

6. You can do several braids in a circle and then braid them together to make the bow.

How to Prevent Your Stray hairs

To prevent stray hairs from coming out of a box braid, you can insert small crochet into the braid where you want your “bump.” The crochet would be used to prevent any hairs from breaking through.

After tightening the ponytail, gently twist it back and forth till you find a comfortable length for your twist. Now, you can secure it with a ponytail holder. Take a small amount of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the base to conceal the holder.

How Can I Maintain My Hair While Wearing Box Braids

Box braids are a protective hairstyle, also known as box braids or box braid extensions. It’s an easy technique that can be done on natural or relaxed hair, using synthetic or human hair to create the desired look. Box braids have been a protective style for centuries, and it’s a timeless look that can be worn in, out, up, down.

Using Synthetic or Human Hair

It’s a versatile protective hairstyle that is simple to do on yourself or your clients if you’re a stylist. Box braids can be worn for two to three months and longer under the right conditions. Once removal is needed, soak your hair in hot water and conditioner for 30 minutes before undoing each braid. With proper maintenance, box braids can last up to six months with no damage to the natural hair underneath!

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We hope you found this article useful in learning how to put box braids in a bow. If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments below or contact us. Remember that when using these techniques, it is important not to wrap your hair too tightly and always make sure there are no knots when finished.

Be sure to take care of your natural tresses by adding some oils for moisture and avoiding heat styling tools as much as possible! You can put box braids in a bow without any trouble by following these simple steps. Have you ever tried this style before? Let us know how it went in the comments below!

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