How to Remove Lacquer From Brass Instrument

For some time, a lacquer polish could hold the brass installations clean and polished. Then, though, the coating continues to fade and turn black, which is never a better image. Worse than that, to offer it a decent finish, you cannot hit the brass itself, so it starts to ruin. Removing the lacquer is the safest option because you can clean the brass pieces, wax them, or color them. Through a DIY remedy of baking soda and water or with a professional lacquer stripper, you could scrape the surface.

How to Remove Lacquer From Brass Instrument
How to Remove Lacquer From Brass Instrument

Portable brass objects would be much simpler to maintain, such as bowls or candlesticks. Take set brass objects from their environment, if necessary. Brass finishes or ornaments are stripped from curtain rails or furniture, and handles and brass knockers are extracted from gates.

Plated or Solid?
While taking off the lacquer, solid brass was more rigid and can handle harsher substances. However, plated brass is simpler to crack and scrape, then a more careful contact is required.
To verify if an object is a durable or plated brass, choose a magnetic. The item is aluminum with a fine brass layer whether it activates the signal. Although baking soda and water is the mildest alternative, it will not be quite open to other ways of extracting the lacquer.

A Plated Brass From Brass Instrument

To Put to a Boil:
In a wide boiling pot, blend a tbsp of baking soda with 33 oz of water and continue to cook. Soak the brass object or objects while the water is stirring and wait for 15 min. The layer in the lacquer can remove. Use tweezers or a big spoon, fishing out the metal, be vigilant to cover the hands and wash off the tap with warm water. Upon cooling, clean with an oil-free acetone nail polish remover over brass to clear some sticky stains. (If the object is plated with brass, avoid its last move.)

Polish and Peel:
For home goods, heavier lacquer coatings can be too hard to clean. They were using an industrial lacquer remover, available at many appliance and DIY shops, in this situation.

Using an Industrial Lacquer Remover

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