How To Remove Paint From Miniatures

I am a big fan of miniature characters. But one of the annoying problem that every fan face is that the annoying color that is put unwillingly on them. I always found my younger brother putting my mom’s nail polish on the miniatures. They will never know the importance of these characters to us. At the early stage, I may throw some of the miniatures away, but now that I have learned the exact ways of preserving the miniatures and removing the paint out of it, I don’t have to do that again.

How To Remove Paint From Miniatures

You can also learn how to remove paint from miniatures easily. And for that, you won’t have to go anywhere else. You will get some simple and easy to follow methods here in this article. You just have to concentrate on the steps until the end. So, if you are ready for the journey, let’s dive in!

As I have said, we, the miniature lovers, are a little crazy about these kinds of stuff. That’s why you may feel the importance of re-coloring these items whenever needed. The case is the same for me. Sometimes the color may fade away. If that happens, you have to re-color them so that they look good as new. In every case, you are required to take off the old color first.

And if you don’t follow the exact technique of removing that color, you may end up ruining the entire miniature. Don’t worry; as now you are here, you won’t have to worry about that. Below you will get the simplest technique of removing the color from miniature characters.

How to Remove Paint From Miniatures

Step 1 – Glove Up

I am gonna use some chemical products for this project. But before we get into the actual chemical part, we need to talk about some protective gear. So, obviously, you have to put some rubber gloves on because the materials aren’t supper-corrosive or anything like that. But it is Ironton, and it does feel kind of funny on your hand. So, you definitely wash your hands regardless of afterward. That’s why I prefer to wear gloves. It just seems to work better.

Step 2 – Making the Mixture

Then I have brought some sort of container for mixing the chemical. You can actually reuse the stuff; you don’t have to throw it away. It is expensive, isn’t it?

Mixing the Chemical

Step 3 – Dispense Testors Elo

Yes, I am going to use Testor Elo for this project. These are a great item and can remove the colors without damaging the original surface. Okay, our first step is to pour a little bit of the liquid into the container. The key here is not to immerse anything. So, we are just gonna put a little bit in here and set it down and grab my miniature that I am going to strip.

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