How to Router Letters Freehand


Woodworking is always exciting for us. It helps us to build innovative things. Sometimes we prefer carving letters in wood panels. This can be done devoid of any arrangement. For this reason, today, we will show you a technique on how to router letters freehand. This will be much helpful for beginners to learn new things. This technique can highly benefitDIY enthusiasts. Your freehand skills will be improved too.

How to Router Letters Freehand 2


Many techniques can be implemented to carve the letters using a router. The router machine should be adequately used for the entire process. Some of the methods may be difficult for beginners to carry out. Thus, we have shortlisted some steps, which will be much easier for the beginners to perform for carving out the letters using router freehand. These steps will comfortably dictate the process, and you will get the best output. The process is simplified below with an adequate explanation.

​Step One

At first, you need to select the necessary router hat you want to use for the process. This is an essential part of the whole process because the router bit’s size will influence the letters’ freehand carving. For the betterment of our users, we prefer the plunge router. This is much suitable for carving letters, and the tipped bit provided with this router helps to save the edges of the wood. You will need some clamps to make the wood steady.

​Step Two

You will also need a pencil and a printer. This will be much needed for marking the wood. You will also need some paper and a strong adhesive. As we will carve the letters freehand, it is necessary to draw the letters on the wood piece. For this reason, we need a printing machine connected to the computer. You will print the letter out of the computer and then glue it to the wood piece. Lastly, you will need a heat blower machine and a chisel. This will be required for detaching the paper from the wood piece.

​Step Three

After you have managed all this equipment, you can start working. Carving the letters out of wood using a router freehand is not tricky, but you must be sincere throughout the process. Now you have to start by designing the template on the computer. You can choose any template for designing, but you must make sure that the alphabets’ most straightforward style will be more comfortable to carve using the router freehand. This will be much helpful.

Carving Wood

​Step Four

Now you have to make sure that the size of the letter is accurate for the wood panel. For this, you have to measure the wood panel dimension, and according to the measurement, you have to print the letters. You can write anything suitable and then take the print out. After the paper is printed, you have to attach it to the wood. You can use a cutter to cut the paper’s edges and keep the writing part and then stick it using a strong adhesive.

​Step Five

Once you have attached the letter to the wood panel, you have to start carving the letters. But before that, you must prepare the router for freehand movement. You have to take the router and select the drill bit. Please use the tipped-bit. This is essential, and the edges will be maintained with proper balance. The router’s vibration will not affect the process, and the sawdust will not generate with high force.

Wood Panel

​Step Six

Now you have to start carving the letters. As you have attached the printed portion so you can quickly go through the block letters, and the router will begin to cut the wood piece. There will be a sawdust created, so you have to clear it off after each letter has been carved. In this manner, by making the proper use of the router, you can make the letters. But it would be best if you were careful around the edges because the adjacent alphabets might get affected due to uneven edge routing.

​Step Seven

After the carving is done, you have to put off the router and then put off the wooden panel’s clamp. You will observe that the wood plate is messy. So you have to clear the wood panel. For this, you have to take a piece of cloth and then remove the sawdust from the wood. After the sawdust is cleaned, you have to use a small paintbrush to clean the edges and the carved letters. This is much needed because before painting the letters, and you have to keep the letters free of dust.

​Step Eight

Now you have to take a heat blower and a chisel. This will be needed to take the paper off. At first, you have to apply the heat blower, this will let the action of glue lessen, and the paper will start to lose the wood panel. At this moment, using a chisel, you have to scare off the paper. Make sure about scarping the paper around the edges. The alphabets should not be affected at any cost because after the router has been used, there will be no way to restart the task.

Step Nine

After the paper is cleared from the wood panel, you should start painting the letters. You can easily do this by applying wood color. Taking a sash brush, you can use the paint on the alphabets. Once the alphabets are painted, you must give it time to dry. After the letters are dried, you should start sanding the board. After the board is rubbed, it will look much fresh.Painting the Wood Letters

​Step Ten

You can use an eighty grit sanding machine for sanding the wood, and you have to sand the wood evenly. For using the router, we prefer that you always use the router in a clockwise direction. After this, you can color the wood by applying liquid wood stain and let it dry. In this manner, the whole process will be completed, and you will get a wood panel with proper freehand letter routing

​Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we would like to express our heartfelt felicitation to the readers. The process we have stated here will help make your freehand letters using a router machine. The technique will be highly beneficial for beginners because it will allow them to learn new things. Thank you for your precious time. Have a nice day.

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