How to Sew Backpack Straps


Many ways can be implemented for sewing backpack straps. But some of them require professional expertise. For this reason, today, we will discuss an easy technique on how to sew backpack straps, which will not require many professional skills. Instead, the beginners can quickly get hold of the process.


Step One

For sewing the backpack strap, you will need some essential elements. These are much necessary for running the process correctly. At first, you will need some felt, but you can go for foam if the felt is now available. It would be best if you remembered that the thickness of the foam should not exceed half inches. Then you will need some polyester fabric. This is much important as the surface cover of the strap. You will need some stitched material, this fabric provides more rigidity to the belt and helps keep the bag firmly connected to the straps, and lastly, you will need a sewing machine.

Step Two

Once you have gathered all these elements, you have to start the process. You should take a piece of cutting mat and then place it on the table and then place all the necessary elements on the table. Then you have to take the polyester cloth that you have already obtained. You have to cut the fabric according to the size of the strap. For this, you must remember that the size of the polyesters cloth should be less than the bag pack. Now you have to cut two polyester cloth pieces with the same dimensions and sew them to make a pocket. You have to replicate another pocket.

Step Three

Once the pockets are made, you have to take them, and you should insert the felt in the intermediate space. You can also insert foam; the basic rule of filling this middle space is to provide a soft fabric. Now you have to take the sewing machine and then sew the opening of the pocket. In this manner, you will get two similar foam-based straps. Now you have to attach the hook to these straps. For this, you need four tri-glide buckles. These buckles can be easily obtained from a nearby departmental store, and you have to use the stitch cloth to connect the fasteners.

Step Four

Now you have to take the stitch cloth, and then to use the sewing machine, you have to connect it to the foam straps. The stitch cloths should be cut in equal dimensions for both straps. Then you have to insert the buckle through the stitch cloth and eventually tie a knot in it. In this manner, the clip will be rigidly connected to the strap. Now you have to make a loop at the lower portion of the backpack and then attach another pair of buckles in the loop. Using stitch cloth, you have to tie a knot between the strap buckle and the loop buckles. The process is complete.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we hope that the stated process will help keep the backpack straps correctly connected to the bag. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!

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