How to Start an Electric Lawn Mower

Most people want to start their lawnmower in the spring and not stop until the fall. But, if you’re just starting with an electric or push lawn mower, we have some tips! In this blog post, we will talk about how to start an electric lawn mower.

Starting an electric lawn mower is not difficult, but there are a few steps you need to follow. First, find the ignition switch, which should be located near the handle of your mower. Next, pull out the safety key and insert it into the hole on top of the engine. Push in until you hear it click. Stick till the end of this blog post to find out more!

How to Start an Electric Lawn Mower

10 Methods on How to Start an Electric Lawn Mower:

Method 1:

To start an electric lawn mower, simply plug in the cord and the electricity will do the rest. Be sure to unplug the cord after you’re finished mowing, as it could accidentally turn on if left plugged in.

Method 2:

Use a pull string to start your engine. You can find this method below the handle on the lawnmower. Pull the cord as fast as possible three times, and then let it go after you feel resistance.

Method 3:

If your machine does not have a pull string or power chord, you can always push start it by putting it in neutral, pushing the device with one hand, and pulling back on the cord with your other hand.

Method 4:

You can use a small button to start your lawnmower by pressing it with your thumb for about five seconds until the engine starts. Then let go of the control and press the gas pedal on the opposite side of where you started your cord.

Method 5:

You may have a gas-powered machine. If this is the case, you will have a switch to start your engine and a choke knob if need be. First, pull the machine’s handle up towards you until it clicks into place, then flip the switch with one hand while holding down on the machine’s throttle with your other hand.

Method 6:

A gas-powered machine may have a primer bulb. Use the bulb to start up your engine by squeezing it three times and then pulling on the handle of your mower or pulling back on the cord if you have one for power.

Method 7:

If you have a two-cylinder engine, a process called flooding can be used to start your lawnmower. First, push forward on the machine once and pull up on the handle, then repeat these steps three times, pausing between each step for two seconds. After doing this step four times, quickly turn your ignition switch to the on position with one hand while turning the engine over with the other hand.

Method 8:

If none of the above methods worked for you, here is a different way to start an electric or gas-powered lawnmower. First, you will need to remove the spark plug, put some oil on it, and shove it back into the hole you took it from with a hand. After this, flip your switch and keep flipping the switch on and off ten times, then pull your cord. If that doesn’t work, flip your switch open and close 15 times, and try removing the restart again.

Method 9:

Sometimes you will have difficulties starting up your lawnmower, so here are some more ideas on what to do. If this is the case, clean out the air filter and check if the blades of grass are caught in something. You can use a blade sharpening tool to fix them if they are stuck somewhere.

Method 10:

If none of the above ways work, try changing your gasoline or checking your oil if you have a two-cylinder engine. If you do not know how to start an electric lawn mower, please refer to an owner’s manual or professional, as this can be dangerous.

What Should You Do If Electric Lawn Mower Don’t Start?

You now know all the methods on how to start an electric lawn mower. But what if your electric lawn mower doesn’t start? Check below what you need to then.

1. Verify the power outlet:

Plug another appliance into that power outlet and see whether it works or not. For example, if other instruments can be used commonly, then it’s likely a problem with the electric lawnmower. If other devices can not work, check whether the outlet is working.

2. Check whether the vital switch works appropriately:

If the electric lawnmower doesn’t start, press the key switch to see if it moves up or down within seconds. The mower may not start because of weak battery power. If no movement occurs, replace it with a new one. Movement may be a problem with internal parts if there is movement.

3. Check battery power:

If the critical switch works, check whether the “on/off” button works or not on the handle. Check whether the emphasis is on at all by seeing LED lights on the mower’s control panel. If there are no lights, it’s possible that the battery isn’t charged enough.

Check the emphasis is on at all by seeing LED lights on the mower's control panel.

4. Check whether the blades are rotating or not:

If they are rotating, there is a problem with the electric lawnmower’s battery power. If they aren’t rotating, check whether the blade clutch is engaged.

5. Clean the mower deck to ensure proper airflow:

Check whether grass clippings and dirt are causing resistance; if so, clean the underside of the mower deck to ensure that air flows freely.

6. Check whether there is gasoline residue:

If using a gas-powered mower, make sure to empty the fuel tank and run the engine dry before storing.

7. Remove twigs and other debris:

Check whether anything interferes with the blades or deck; remove it and check again for smooth operation.

8. Check the circuit breaker:

Like most home appliances, Lawnmowers have a circuit breaker inside. If it is tripped, contact an electrician to check and reset it. If the mower still doesn’t start after checking these issues, look at the owner’s manual or contact a service center for assistance.

Essential Things to Keep in Mind When the Electric Lawnmower Doesn’t Start:

1. Check whether it is plugged into a working power outlet or not; if yes, proceed to the next step. If not, check the power outlet as explained above.

2. Check whether the vital switch works appropriately by moving it to different positions. If it doesn’t move, replace the switch.

3. Make sure that the mower’s blades are present and rotating by pulling them out or starting the mower.

4. Check whether there is any blockage in the cord of the lawnmower; try to remove it if so, but not by pulling the cord.

5. Check whether there is a red reset button on top of dual blades if the blades are jammed together. If present, switch off and remove them to release the jam.

6. Spray some lubricant into the lawn mower’s keyhole or parts that need lubrication using WD-40 to free it up and check if the lawnmower starts.

7. Lastly, check whether the mower’s bag is full and remove clippings from it if so.

How does Electric Lawn Mower Work?

Electric lawnmowers operate with the use of a small motor and an electric current that can power their blades. The current is then sent through a set of conductors that allow it to do its job, which in turn spins up the blades. These motors are usually very durable, especially compared to gas-powered motors, but they are still susceptible to breaking down.

How Electric Lawn Mower Works?

When this happens, you will need to replace your old motor to operate the mower again. This is an easy task that does not require any special tools or expertise. You can do it yourself in under half an hour with only a few simple steps.

Instructions on How to Start an Electric Lawn Mower:

Step 1:

Ensure that your power cord is plugged in and the green pilot light on the front of the mower is on, which indicates that power to the mower has been turned on.

Step 2:

Press in on the start switch and hold until you hear a click, then release. The motor will turn on at a low speed for a few seconds while it warms up.

Step 3:

Push the throttle control forward to full power position and continue holding down on the start switch until you feel the motor engage.

Step 4:

Slowly move the throttle control back to its starting position while listening for an increase in engine speed. If the lawnmower slows down, quickly push forward on the throttle control and then slowly begin to creep back until you reach your desired running speed. At this point, it is safe to release the start switch.

Note: To turn the lawnmower off, release the throttle control and push it to the full reverse position.

Step 5:

Maneuver the speed selector switch until you find the right speed for cutting high grass.

Step 6:

Disengage the stop switch by pressing inward on it with your thumb (or index finger, depending on your grip). If the lawnmower stops quickly, then you have disengaged it in time. If the engine continues to run, simply release your thumb (or index finger) and press again. Note: You can let go of the start switch now that the stop switch is disengaged.

Step 7:

Always use caution when starting or engaging the power on a gas or electric-powered lawnmower.

Automatic Push Button Lawnmower VS. Pull Cord Lawnmower:

An electric lawnmower is a great alternative to a gas-powered mower. Electric mowers are quieter, lightweight, and have no emissions or loud noise. However, they are harder to start if the power has been out for a long time. Therefore, it is important to know the proper procedure for starting an electric lawnmower after it has been unplugged or has experienced a power outage.


Different models of electric lawnmowers have different starting procedures. The two most common ways to start a corded electric lawn mower are with an automatic push button and a pull cord. However, certain things may be in different locations depending on the manufacturer, so following the manual that came with your specific model is important.

The following is a general guideline for the start-up of a corded electric lawnmower.

Automatic Push Button Lawnmowers:

1) Make sure that the power button on the handle is in the “on” position.

2) Find your automatic start button, which should be on either the top handle’s front or back. It looks like a silver button.

Finding start button

3) Push the button, and hold it for at least 10 seconds to ensure that the motor is engaged properly. If your lawnmower does not start within ten seconds, release the button and try again.

4) Once you hear the engine revving, let go of the start button, and the lawnmower will continue running on its own.

Pull Cord Lawnmowers:

1) Ensure the power switch is in the “on” position.

2) Find your pull cord, which should be located on either the front or back of the top handle. It is a long red string with a handle attached to the end.

3) Grasp the handle firmly, and pull quickly and steadily until the engine engages. This may take up to 10 pulls. Make sure you are holding both sides of the cord, don’t just pull one side!

4)  Once the engine starts, release the cord and let the lawnmower run independently.

Finding the correct start-up procedure for your specific electric lawn mower model is important, but never fear! If you cannot find your manual or have misplaced it, there are many resources online to help you with this task.


The electric lawn mower is a great way to reduce your time and energy spent maintaining the yard. It can be tricky at first, but with a little practice, you’ll have it mastered in no time!

If you want to learn more about how to start an electric lawn mower, or if you need help understanding where the best place for one might be in your home, contact us today! We are happy to offer our professional advice and installation tips.

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