How To Display Stained Glass Without A Window

Many stained glass artists and enthusiasts have found that they cannot install their beautiful creations in a window because space does not exist or because of privacy concerns. The good news is that stained glass window inserts can be placed in any window in your home without having to sacrifice light or privacy. Perhaps you have found the perfect stained glass window for your bathroom, but you are concerned about privacy.

How To Display Stained Glass Without A Window

If you want to display your stained glass artwork but don’t have a window, don’t worry! There are still several ways you can display it beautifully. Just follow the methods mentioned in our article and you’ll be all set.

Method 1 – Hang it on the wall using brackets:

Brackets are attached horizontally on the wall using screws or nails, usually about ten inches apart. Secure your work of stained glass artwork by resting it on top of one bracket so that you can see how high up it needs to be before securing it in place. After securing the piece, make sure to tighten all of the screws so that the piece is secure. If you do not want your piece to be visible from the front, you can purchase a screw cover to match the color of your frame.

Repeat this process on the other side of your stained glass artwork to secure it in place, and make sure that the brackets are evenly spaced for stability. Next, attach a picture hanging wire or chain; then hang from one bracket at a time (make sure not to use any hooks). Hanging chains can be attached with screws or nails to the wall or punched into brackets.

Hang It On The Wall Using Brackets

If you’re using a hanging wire, loop it over both brackets and wrap it in place. If your stained glass artwork is lightweight, use an adhesive to attach hooks on the backside of each bracket before securing with screws or nails; then hang from the hooks. The result should be a clean and stable presentation of your stained glass artwork. This option works best for smaller pieces and will allow the light to shine through.

Method 2 – Place into a custom-built frame with an acrylic panel

This acrylic panel can be installed over a window to protect from moisture damage. This is an option if you have the time and resources for such construction or find a local contractor who will do this work at your home with measurements supplied by you. The cost of this option is $75.00 per square foot of acrylic plus installation costs. The minimum order size is two panels at 2 feet by 3 feet and the maximum is four panels at 4 feet by 6 feet.

If budget is not an issue, custom stained glass framers in most cities specialize in restoring antique artwork and building high-quality new frames. These companies typically provide consultation services to design something perfect to fit your needs (an example of one such company would be Clearview Glassworks). They also offer installation assistance; some come to install it while others require to pick-up service only.

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Method 3 – Create a special non-reflective surface to place the piece

The most common solution is to use a glass tabletop that has been specially coated or painted with non-reflective paint. Such tables can be found at any home goods retailer and usually come in shapes such as round, square, rectangular, and oval. Another solution is to cover the glass with a piece of fabric. This can be anything from a tablecloth to a canvas drop cloth. The main advantage of this approach is that it’s easy to do and relatively inexpensive.

The glass tops can be put on a dining table, coffee table, kitchen island, etc. If you have any concerns about it matching your decor, feel free to ask the salesperson for help. They might also have suggestions if your home’s design is unique or has other specific needs.

While this solution works well for some people, it may not provide the best viewing angle if you plan to display your stained glass piece where someone will have to look down at it from above.

Another option is using plexiglass instead of tempered window glass; however, there are various considerations: depending on how large the panel needs to be cut into pieces so that it’ll fit inside the plexiglass, it may be necessary to use a laser cutter; and while this does work for some people, others have reported issues with obtaining an even cut.

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Method 4 – Using stained glass as wall art

To do that, though, you need two panels of window glass laid back-to-back. You can then either

(a) suspend them from a light fixture or ceiling mount using wire on each side, so they’re evenly spaced apart.

Using Stained Glass As Wall Art

b) hang the panel between two hooks that are attached to brackets screwed into studs in your walls at the desired height. This method would require purchasing special brackets if you don’t want permanent holes drilled into your drywall/sheetrock.

Method 5 – Use LED lights for illumination

This is an extremely popular way to display stained glass without a window. It offers the best of both worlds because these lights are energy-efficient, low maintenance, and offer full-spectrum illumination, meaning they light up your room with less harsh glare but still provide enough natural daylight-like qualities so you can see what’s on the other side. Additionally, it’ll save money on utility bills since artificial lighting costs more than sunlight does.

If you’re interested in making this work for yourself, then make sure that there is no current obstruction preventing sunlight from coming through when those LED bulbs turn off at night time or during bad weather conditions (such as storms). This means having unobstructed access to windows if possible or installing retractable solar shades which only open when sunlight shines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Way to Hang Stained Glass?

There are many ways to hang stained glass. You can either use a metal framework that is designed for hanging or you can use wires and be sure the pieces won’t fall off.

If you want to mount your stained glass pieces on wood, you will need some adhesive such as glue or spray paint so that the pieces don’t slide around when hung.

What Kind of Chain Do You Use to Hang Stained Glass?

The type of chain you use to hang stained glass depends on the size and weight of the window. The heavier the window, the stronger your chain needs to be.

For hanging windows that weigh about 50 pounds or less, you can use a 10-gauge galvanized steel wire or a 4-inch diameter fiberglass dowel rod.

For windows that weigh more than 50 pounds, you should use a 12-gauge galvanized steel wire with an eye bolt at each end for strength.

Can You Use Command Hooks on Glass?

Yes, you can use Command hooks on glass. However, before applying the hooks to the glass, make sure that it is clean and dry.

The next step is to remove any tape or residue from the back of the hook by using a nail polish remover pad. Once this is done, slide your hook onto the center of the piece of glass with both ends facing down.

After placing your hook in place, press firmly around it until you hear a slight “click” noise indicating that it has been properly secured.

Is There an Alternative to Command Strips?

Command strips are very helpful for certain applications, but they are not the only option.

Some alternatives to command strips are:

• Velcro – This can be used in many different ways, but it is often more difficult to remove than the command strip.

• Tape – This can also be used in many different ways, and it is often easier to remove than the command strip.

• Laundry tabs – These are usually found on clothes that have been washed or worn multiple times. They can be removed without damaging the clothing.

Can Stained Glass Be Hung on a Wall?

Yes, stained glass can be hung on a wall.

There are many ways to hang stained glass on a wall:

• You can use hanging strips or picture hangers to mount the stained glass onto the wall.

• Use screws and anchors to fasten the pieces of stained glass onto your wall.

• Create a custom-designed frame that fits around the window with screws and anchors that will hold the panel in place.


Stained glass is one of those beautiful art forms that can be difficult to appreciate when it’s not being shown off in its natural environment – through a window frame. But there are ways around this problem, which we have mentioned on how to display stained glass without a window article.

Follow these step-by-step guides to make your display stained glass look beautiful. If any part of these instructions seems unclear or too complicated for what you’re looking to do, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment at the bottom of the page so we can address your needs.

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