How to Make a Barrel Out Of Cardboard


The barrel can always be useful for storing materials and other things in your house. This can save some space and belongings that are not needed in your home. Today I am going to discuss a technique on how to make a barrel out of cardboard.


For instance, some of these things are a sturdy piece of cardboard (like from an appliance box), scissors, or craft knife to cut out shapes for handles and spouts on top if you choose–or leave them off entirely!–a ruler to measure everything so that it will look nice when finished, glue gun with plenty of adhesive sticks available at any arts & crafts store as well as tapes like painters’ masking tape or clear packing tape.

You may also want to have disposable cups handy while gluing since they’re perfect for catching drips; plus, they’ll be there after all are said and done.

The first step is to gather all the necessary materials, a pair of scissors and a cutter. You will also need some pencils, markers, rulers, and cardboard boxes that have been properly opened in one corner so they lay flat.

Once you’ve gathered everything needed for this project, simply spread the box onto your floor space or tabletop (if it doesn’t cover too much area). Then use your ruler and a marker to measure 2 inches from where you just cut off the joint to make an even line within each side of the square shape.

It’s time to get out the ruler and start marking your cardboard for striations. You’ll want to make marks two inches apart from each other, then use a cutter (not the blade) in order not to damage it while you’re cutting. Remember mark often enough so that all sides will fit together nicely when you bend your piece of cardstock into shape!

After marking through the cardboard, it is time to draw on the top and bottom parts. To start this step, use a scale for marking out where your stripes need to go – these should be triangular in shape with triangles drawn at the top of all six sides of each strip. Start by cutting along those lines using scissors before folding every side up towards one another until they meet at least halfway across like an accordion fold (or just keep them flat).

The parallel striations will allow you to bend the cardboard and from the barrel shape, and then you can use binding tape for sealing the box. You have to fold the top and bottom of the barrel and attach them using tape. Lastly, you have to carve two circular pieces, which will act as the barrel’s cover. In this manner, you can easily make a barrel using cardboard.


  • Wear gloves and goggles to avoid getting your hands or eyes dirty.
  • Ensure you are in an open area with limited access to the fumes, as they will be irritating.
  • The best material is usually found at a hardware store, but if not available, then look for corrugated cardboard from any packaging that comes in flat sheets.
  • Avoid using paperboard as it does not have enough rigidity and can collapse when cut into different shapes because of its net-like structure.
  • You also want something that has been folded together multiple times, so there is more strength along the folds than on just one layer of corrugations (avoid tearing).

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Type of Cardboard Will Work Best?

The first question you need to ask yourself is what type of cardboard will work best. This decision can have a big effect on the success or failure of your project, so it’s important to answer this question before moving forward with anything else. The two most common types are corrugated and solid board-stock cardboard.

Corrugated, also known as “fluted” or “wavy,” is made up of many thin layers that give it an accordion-like appearance when viewed from one side. At the same time, solid board stock has just one flat surface though printing may be applied for decorative purposes.

How Wide Should the Barrel Be? 

The width of your long, flat piece of cardboard will determine how big around (and therefore how deep) your finished barrel is. If you want a shallower container that’s short and small enough for storage or use in tight spaces, then go narrower. But if it needs to hold more than water, beer, or other liquid from time to time, start at 12 inches on either side and see what happens.

How Long Will the Project Take to Complete? 

It’ll take you about an hour to get your barrel from a flat, flimsy piece of cardboard into something sturdy and shapely.

Final Thoughts

This DIY tutorial teaches you how to build your own barrel out of cardboard. Includes an overview of materials needed and cost estimate breakdowns, and information on what barrels are good for and how they can be used in the yard or at home.

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