How to Make a Medieval Castle

Medieval castles are always a center of attraction for kids. Because the shapes and the designs amuse them, this intrigues them to get into the depth of these landmarks. Sometimes in school, projects for teaching history assignments are given for making a medieval castle. The entire working process will benefit your child and be a didactic event.

How to Make a Medieval Castle

For our readers’ betterment today, we will show a technique for making a medieval castle using the usual materials. So without making a further delay, let us jump to the primary process of castle construction.

Required Materials

We will need to gather all the essential elements to complete the castle. This is a school project, so we are selecting the readily available materials. To make a medieval castle, you will need four identical pieces of cardboard. The dimension of the cardboard can be at your discretion.

But we suggest that you use cardboards with dimensions 24×18 cm. You will need square cardboard with measurements of 40×40 cm. you will need four pieces of kitchen tissue rolls, but you have to take out the tissue. You will need a string and some split pins. You will need a pencil, black pen, and ruler to draw the castle.

For attaching different parts of the castle, you will need masking tape. You will need a pair of scissors for cutting the cardboards, and for painting purposes, you will need a paintbrush and colors. For decorating purposes, you will use flags. After managing all these materials, you can start working for the castle.

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The first step after collecting the required materials is outlining the castle. For this, you have to take the box, and then you have to start drawing the castle walls. You can use a pencil or a little marker for this purpose. Drawing with pencils might not be much use, but drawing using a marker will surely help you. The dark ink of the marker will make the drawing more visible.

After you have outlined the entire castle, you must use a ruler and an Exacto knife to carve out the castle. After you have obtained the outline, you have to make a post for the castle. For this, you have to make an inner lining using cardboard, then attach it to the border of the castle. For this, you have to use a glue gun.

Use a Ruler

This will make the attachment firm. Now you have to take some cardboards that are forty centimeters long and then make a box with them. You can carve windows in them, and then you have to use them on the four corners of the castle. This will act as the guard post for sentries. Now you must take an Exacto knife and carve all the castle’s windows and main entrance. You can make the guard post using the four tissue tubes.

This will give a cylindrical shape to your caste. Now you can add the front door. A water body surrounds the fort in these forts used for protection, and the door is installed like a bridge. So you can follow this process and make two holes on the front end of the door and then attach wires with the help of the glue gun. Next, you have to make a folding arrangement if the door to the entrance.

To make your castle look more realistic, you can use thin paper and make a connection between the inside of the castle and the door. Then you can easily fold the door inwards. Finally, you can decorate the castle with flags, and using a single color flag is better.

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You can cut small pieces of paper for the windows and then take a printout of the windows. Next, for the inner decoration, you can add some action figures. Now you have to go for the painting of the castle. It is highly suggested that you take references from the internet while painting the castle.

This will help you get a realistic look, and the color combination will also suit the castle. Make sure to keep some bare stone and brick color on the wall. Lastly, you can add some sentries on the guard posts and the door and use some horses and other groceries to add medieval features to your castle.

Brick Color on the Wall

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we hope the process we mentioned here will help you make a medieval castle. You must maintain safety while using the cutter and glue gun. Thank you, and have a good day.

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