How to Make Mini Snowman Hats


What could be the best winter decoration without anything, any snowman? If you have a mini snowman, you must also make a hat for it. Here we will tell you how to make mini snowman hats most simply.

How to Make Mini Snowman Hats

Required Materials for Making Mini Snowman Hats:

To make the mini snowman hat, you have to gather materials first. Without having the materials at your hand, you will never be able to start and finish any DIY projects. So, the materials that you are going to need are-

  • Cardboard paper
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Paint
  • Some accessories for decoration
  • Glue
  • Scissors

How to Make Mini Snowman Hats:

Now, we will tell you how to make the mini snowman hat.

Method of Making Mini Snowman Hats

Method One

– First, cut a toilet paper roll into two equal-sized pieces that can be rolled up when they are just right. They should not be too big or small, for they need to have the same size.

– To make a snowman face, first draw a big circle for the face. Then, add two smaller circles for the eyes. You can draw a triangle or an upside-down U shape for the nose. Lastly, add a big smile by drawing a curved line for the mouth. You can also add other details like eyelashes, eyebrows, and freckles. If you want, you can color in the details using paint.

– After that, cut out a nose and a mouth from the other paper.

– Now, take one of those toilet roll pieces you cut earlier and put it on top of the snowman head to measure where the eyes will go. Once that is done, place both papers with their ends overlapping each other so they can be glued into position later.

– After this stage, glue all three pieces in place while not covering up any part of them because we want our mini snowman hats to look as nice as possible.

Method Two

Step One

Take the toilet paper roll. You are only going to use cardboard. Cut the registration by how long you want the hat to be.

Step Two

Take cardboard paper and make a circle the same size as the circle of the roll. The ring is going to be at the top of the hat. Attach the hoop with glue.

Step Three

Take another cardboard and cut it to make another circle. This circle will be the base of the hat. Make sure the circle has a role in the middle. Attach the bottom using glue again.

Step Four

Color the hat in whatever color you want and let it sit for drying.

Step Five

Attach all the decorations you have prepared. However, adding some glittery items to give the hat a look at festivals is better.

Precautions While Making Mini Snowman Hats:

-Measurements: Cut a strip of paper about 20 inches long by two inches wide. Wrap it around the circumference of your head and cut off any excess with scissors. Form this into a circle to make mini snowman hats!

-Materials: Make sure you have some Popsicle sticks, glue, white construction paper, black marker or crayon, green tissue paper (or another color), pins, and tinsel for finishing touches.

-Popsicle sticks: Cut out space for an eye and stem using scissors on each side of the Popsicle stick.

Where Can I wear Snowman Hats?

Snowman Hats are not as big, and they don’t cover your head entirely as a large, standard hat does. Also, they’re cute on kids because their heads aren’t heavy with hair yet, so it’s easier than wearing one of those knit caps that look clunky on adults with more hair.

This is also true if you’ve got long or thick locks; most winter hats make your head feel too tight, but this doesn’t happen when you choose these types of snowmen hats, which really only sit on top without having any close contact with the scalp at all (unless young children are wearing them).

Where Can I Wear Snowman Hats

If there’s a snowman hat that has spirals for hair, then you can wear them on your head as well. You should be careful not to get it too close to the scalp because of static electricity that could start attracting any loose hairs and cause them to stick together (which is very uncomfortable).

They’re also great with winter dresses or casual outfits and don’t have to be worn by children either! Adults who want something more fun will also enjoy this type of cap since there’s no worry about making their heads feel tight like they do when wearing big hats indoors during colder days.

Final Thoughts

And you are done learning how to make mini snowman hats. We hope our instructions will be helpful to you.

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