How to Fix a Broken DVD

DVDs have become a household item that we all have. Whether it be the movies that you watch, or the children’s videos that they enjoy watching for hours on end DVDs will always be around in some form or another. But what do you do when your favorite DVD breaks? How to Fix a Broken Dvd is an article about how to fix those pesky disks!

How to Fix a Broken DVD

Things You’ll Need

  1. A DVD player or TV with a DVD Player input
  2. A Blank CD (CDs are reusable!)
  3. Craft Knife/Scissors
  4. Paper or Cardboard
  5. Clear Tape
  6. Scotch tape

Method: How to Fix a Broken DVD

Step One:

Replace the broken section of your disk. If this is not easily possible, there will be instructions on how to replace the entire disk. Find a blank CD and cover it in paper or cardboard, then cut out the same size as your broken DVD with your craft knife or scissors. Tape this on top of the hole, for now, to keep dirt from getting into the player slot. Now you can place one side of scotch tape over the edge of your new disk.

Step Two:

Place the blank CD in your DVD player and make sure that it reads as if you are putting a real film into the player. If not, then there may be dirt on top of your disk or something preventing it from reading properly (see instructions for how to fix broken disks). Once this is running, use clear scotch tape to cover the hole on your broken disk.

Blank DVD

Step Three:

Fill a shallow bowl with water, and place it in front of your DVD player. This will keep dust from accumulating on top over time. Now sign the bottom part of both disks using a permanent marker (or any other color pen). It is very important that you sign both disks on the bottom because it will be much harder to distinguish them in a stack if you do not.

Step Four:

Place your broken disk back inside of its case and put it in one of the small sleeves (that usually come with cases) so that there is no chance for damage over time due to being scratched or touched by other pieces of paper.

Step Five:

Pick up the sleeve with your signed and broken disk inside, place it gently against an uncracked DVD in its case, then set this on top of another small sleeve that contains a working disk. This will create a makeshift jacket for you to carry around safely without any chance for more cracks or scratches.

Step Six:

Keep these two disks in separate sleeves, then put them inside your larger DVD carrying case. You will now have a much more secure way of transporting the disk without any fear of it breaking again during transit.

Step Seven:

To re-insert the disk into your player, check to make sure that it is a writable DVD and then insert it slowly while holding down the play button. If this does not work, you will need to contact customer service for assistance on how best to fix your machine or get an entirely new one.

Tips and Advice To Maintain Your DVD

1) You should always wipe your DVD clean before and after you play it. Dust, dirt and other particles can get on the disc’s surface. This will make it harder for a laser to read data from the disk when it is spinning in the player or computer optical drive.

2) If you dropped your DVD or if it got wet, wipe it off with a soft cloth and make sure that all of the water is gone.

3) Never touch the laser pickup when you put a DVD on your computer. It will cause dirt or dust to adhere more easily and it can also break the lens on the optical drive.

4) Never touch the DVD surface when removing it from a player or computer optical drive. This will leave fingerprints, smudges, and dust on your disc that can scratch the data layer.

DVD surface

5) Never put a DVD into your player or computer if it is not sealed. This can hold in moisture and dirt that leads to scratches on the data layer of the disc.

6) Try to Use Cd box to package the DVD. It is better than using plastic wrap or paper as it will protect from moisture and dirt that can scratch on the data layer of your disc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will a Cracked Dvd Still Play?

A: Yes, a cracked DVD will still play as long as the crack is on the top or bottom of the disc and it does not go all around. If you have an older DVD player that doesn’t support dual-layer DVDs, broken discs are often worth repairing to get more life out of them rather than throwing them away.

Q: How Can I Tell if a Dvd Is Broken?

A: One way to tell if your DVD is broken is by feeling for areas where there are no bumps or dips on its surface. Another clue may be visible scratches from wear or dirt buildup over time. This could mean that it has been dropped before. This can also help identify which side might need repair when you are trying to fix a broken DVD.

Q: Can You Glue a Cd Back Together?

A: If the crack is large enough, you can glue a CD back together. Apply an even layer of clear packing tape to seal up the edges before applying any glue. Make sure that your hands are clean and dry for this process since dirt or oils on your skin will cause it to not bond properly with the broken disc’s surface. Make sure there are no bubbles in between pieces of tape as they may interfere with playing the CD when finished.”


If you’re having trouble reading the disc, it’s probably because it’s dirty or scratched. Try cleaning off any residue from around the edge with a soft cloth and make sure that there is no debris in between the laser lens of your DVD player.

Once everything looks clean, try playing your movie again to see if things start working better! If that doesn’t work see our blog post on how to fix a broken DVD. This guide should walk you through some of the best ways that we found to repair your discs at home. 

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