How to Fix a Hole in Yoga Pants

If you wear yoga pants, and some of the stitching at the crotch has come undone, it’s possible to re-sew them yourself.  This can be done using a sewing machine, needle, and thread. Here we are going to cover the steps on how to fix a hole in yoga pants. Start by cutting a small piece of fabric that will be used to patch the hole. The patch should be slightly larger than the hole itself.

To fix a hole in yoga pants, begin by laying out the two pieces of fabric that have become separated so you can see how they fit together.  This will help you figure out better what type of seam needs to be used where the stitching may have come undone or unstitched due to constant wear and tear. To know more about this, read the blog till the end. Next, you will need to cut a small piece of fabric from another item of clothing or material that is the same color as your yoga pants.

How to Fix a Hole in Yoga Pants

Possible Reasons Yoga Pants Get Holes

  1. You wear them in the garden or while doing outdoor chores.
  2. You wear them to the gym, and they get caught on a weight machine when you are moving around.
  3. Your child plays with them, pulls out threads, and then rips it open wider or totally snags it off your body.”
  4. You wash them by hand with other clothing with sharp pins, needles or clasps accidentally pulled out of pockets which poke a hole in your pants, catching the fabric hemline underneath where it is under stress from being stretched during yoga poses.
  5. You pull them up too fast after washing, and the fabric rips under stress when being pulled away from the body quickly.
  6. You are wearing too tight of yoga pants when trying to bend over, and your pants rip open in the back as you move up in a pose or right behind your knees if you move into downward dog, cobra, or dolphin poses.
  7. You are wearing them while going up steps where the leg moves in opposing directions from your body during bending over backward or sideways with movement such as a sun salutation sequence.
  8. You wear them under clothes and severely sweat and then they get caught on something like dry weeds or grasses and rip the fabric.

Things You’ll Need

  • sewing machine
  • pins
  • fabric glue
  • needle and
  • thread

Instructions: How to Fix a Hole in Yoga Pants

Here are the steps to fix this common wardrobe malfunction:

Step One: 

Figure out where the stitch has come undone. This will allow you to see what type of seam you’ll need (straight, zig-zag, etc.) that will best suit your needs.  Once this is figured out, pin the pieces of fabric together, so they remain intact and don’t shift while you’re trying to re-sew them back together. Before beginning to sew, make sure that your sewing machine is threaded correctly and that you have the right type of needle for the fabric and seam you are using. Start by sewing a few stitches forward, then backstitch to secure the thread.

Please do this by taking one piece and placing it face down on top of the other piece with the wrong side facing upward. Then line up the edges so that they are perfectly straight and match up exactly where they need to be. Once your edges are lined up you can start sewing by placing your needle in the fabric and bringing it up through the other side. Sew about ¼-inch from the edge.

Step Two:

After you have the pieces pinned together, sew either by hand or with your sewing machine. If you use a machine, use the straight stitch for best results when re-sewing these seams back together. On the outside edge of your back piece, pin and sew a seam about 3/4″ away from the raw edge. This will act as a casing for your elastic. Repeat this step on the opposite side.

Step Three:

Once your seams are sewn back together correctly, please take off the pins holding the pieces of fabric together so that they stay put while you’re working on them. Then make sure any loose strings or fraying raw edges are neatly trimmed away before placing the logo side of the pants back on the pants.

Step Four:

To do this, begin by cutting out a piece of fabric that has been cut from another pair of yoga pants. You’ll want this to be at least two inches larger than the hole you are trying to fix. If it’s smaller than that, the patch will not cover up your repair using fabric glue, so make sure it is bigger than what you need.

Cut & Sew Up The Hole

Once you have your new circle of fabric cut out, carefully place it over where the hole needs to be repaired so that there is extra overlapping beyond the hole by about two to three inches. Next, take some oil and apply it over any of the raw edges of your newly created patch. This will help to seal up those areas, so they don’t fray any further when you’re working with fabric glue.

Step Five:

Then take some fabric glue and apply it on top of your new patch, making sure that you even out the amount being applied over all parts of the patch. Be careful not to put too much on as this can seep through and affect other parts of your pants if there is an excess amount. Allow these patches to sit until dry before trying them back on or rewashing the pants. 

Step Six:  

Now that your patch has been applied properly, you can try them back on to see how they fit. If you can still use these yoga pants, make sure the seams that were just fixed are sewn together correctly before washing and drying the new pair of pants again.  If not, try to sew them together in another way. Sometimes this might not work for you according to the size of the damage and where it is on your pants.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Mend The Bottom of My Yoga Pants Without Looking Weird?

First, you put the patch on the inside of your legging as close to the hole as possible. I like to make sure that they will not be visible when wearing them. This was a little tricky because I had not ever patched clothing before, so I just guessed where would look best. After applying the patch, use a small needle and thread in matching color to hand stitch the edges of the sew-on patches into place. They must be secure or won’t last long and may fall off while wearing them. Which obviously is not very helpful, but also quite embarrassing.

What Is the Difference Between Yoga Pants and Leggings?

Yoga pants are more flexible than leggings as they fit loosely and do not cling to the body. On the other hand, Leggings have some give but are designed for tighter fitting and therefore typically look better with form-fitting clothing. This is not always true, though, so it really depends on your own personal taste in how you choose to wear each kind of pants. Yoga Pants should be washed after each use. How often you wash them really depends on how frequently you actually practice yoga or work out in general.

Difference Between Yoga Pants and Leggings

Is It Ok to Wear Yoga Pants every day?

Yoga pants have been around for centuries, and there are statues of people wearing yoga pants-style clothing dating back all the way to Ancient Greece! They were actually used as pants by many cultures over time, including the Romans up until medieval times when they became more commonly used just as a form of casual dress clothing instead of athletic apparel. They are most commonly worn and sold as sports attire or athleisure pieces being worn while exercising or otherwise during more casual occasions.

Why Do My Pants Keep Ripping in Between the Legs?

There are a few reasons why your pants might be ripping in between the legs.

One possibility is that you are not wearing the right size pants. If you are not comfortable with your pant fit, it is likely that they will become stretched out and torn over time.

Another possibility is that you are not laundering your pants correctly. It is important to wash your jeans in cold water and then hang them to dry. This will help reduce the chance of them tearing.

Finally, if you have any other clothing problems like excessive sweating or skin allergies, those issues may also be contributing factors to pant leg ripping. In these cases, it may be best to consult a professional tailor or dermatologist who can help you find the best solution for your specific situation.

Why Do I Keep Getting Holes in My Pants?

There are a few things that you can do to help prevent holes in your pants.

First, make sure that you are properly laundering your clothes. Holes in your pants can be caused by detergent residue and other harsh chemicals that can damage the fabric. Wash your clothes in hot water with a mild detergent and spin them dry.

Second, make sure that you are buying the right size pants. If they are too tight, they will cause friction and create holes in the fabric. Pants that are too loose will also cause holes because they will sag in the crotch area.

Finally, make sure that you are wearing the correct type of underwear. Pantyhose or briefs should not be worn with jeans because they can create friction and holes in the fabric. Instead, choose panties or boyshorts made from cotton or synthetic materials that won’t cause damage to your clothing.

Can You Fix a Hole in Spandex?

it depends on the size and shape of the hole. If the hole is small, then you can probably just stitch it up. If the hole is bigger or deeper, then you will need to replace the spandex fabric.

Can I Fix a Hole in My Leggings?

It is possible to fix a hole in your leggings, but it will likely require some sewing skills. You can try using a needle and thread to sew the hole closed, or you could go for a more permanent solution by using fabric glue or a zippered seam.

Can You Fix a Hole in Suit Pants?

It depends on the type of hole and its location. If the hole is small and located near the waistline, it may be possible to fix it with a needle and thread. If the hole is larger or located elsewhere on the pants, then a tailor may be required to make the repair.


It is possible to fix a hole in your yoga pants. We have shown you how! In this blog post, we have walk through the process of how to fix a hole in yoga pants and repairing a hole in your favorite leggings or tights using household items and sewing skills. It’s not too difficult if you follow these steps closely and read all directions before starting. We hope you have understood the process of fixing your yoga pants by reading this article. If you have any questions in mind, let us know in the comment section below!

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