How to Nail Baseboard with Nail Gun


Baseboards are always needed or maintaining the proper rigidity of the wall. This will help the unnecessary collision of the shoes to the walls, and in this manner, the wall remains protected. Installing the baseboard for the wall will include some critical steps. For this reason, we will suggest a unique way of how to nail baseboard with a nail gun. This will be much helpful for the people who want to attach the baseboard by themselves.

How to Nail Baseboard with Nail Gun


Many ways can be implemented for attaching the baseboard with a nail gun, but they do not apply to the beginners. For the learners’ convenience, we have shortlisted some easy steps, which will make the task much comfortable to perform. These steps are simplified below.

  • Step One

At first, you have to gather all the necessary instruments for the process, and you will need the baseboards. You can easily buy them from the shop, or you can get them via the internet. Then you will need a nail gun. This is an automated nailing machine which comes with a light. This light helps to visualize the nails. Then you will need a pencil and a measuring instrument. You will also need a miter saw, for cutting the edges of baseboards.

Gather All the Necessary Instruments
  • Step Two

After you have managed all these necessary instruments, you can start working. You have to measure the total length of baseboard, and then you have to cut the baseboard according to the size of the wall. You must be careful about the edges because some unprecedented steps are followed in this case. You must mark the baseboard with a pencil after measuring them and then align them with the wall you want to install.

  • Step Three

Once you have marked the baseboard, you can easily cut the material. You have to use a miter saw to cut the baseboard. There are specific angles that should be maintained while cutting the baseboard. The baseboard remains in one hundred and eighty-degree angles, so you must cut them in such a manner that the two edges get correctly connected. The implied rule for this is to cut the edges of baseboard in an angle of forty-five and a half degrees

  • Step Four

This is much important because the edges of the wall should remain at the right angles. Still, we have taken one degree extra. This is done because there remains some gap once you join the baseboard edges, and an extra degree will minimize the space, and the connection will be many firms. So you have to set the miter saw in the exact degree and the cut both the edges. Next, you have to place the baseboards together at the corner of the wall and check the connection.

  • Step Five

Once you have checked the connection, you can start attaching them. For this, you have to use the nail gun. At first, you have to place the baseboard aligned to the wall. You have to hold both ends. It is better to take some help from another person. The main places for attaching the baseboard are the edges. So once the edges are correctly nailed, you can easily connect the rest of the part. Using a nail gun, pin the two borders and then start pinning from the middle at twelve inches.

  • Step Six

You have to apply the nails at the lower portion of baseboard in the preliminary period. Once the board is attached, you can quickly put some pins on the upper layer using the nail gun in the same manner. You should not apply too many nails, and the nails should not be attached closely. This will result in crack development on the baseboard. Once the panel is connected, you can attach the other panel on the edge using a standard adhesive.

Put Some Pins on the Upper Layer Attached to the Board
  • Step Seven

Next, you have to place the other board, attach them with the nail, and connect the edges properly. After this, there remains some gap between the upper portion of baseboard and the wall. You can easily adjust them by caulking. You have to sue a caulking gin and apply it throughout the linear gap. Once the caulking gets dried, you will have your desired baseboard firmly connected to the wall via a nail gun.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion e hope that the technique that we have mentioned here will help the beginners install the baseboard to the wall using a nail gun. The method must be followed chronologically, and proper safety should be maintained. Have a nice day!

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